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Apart from the beautiful Virar Beach Resort, there are various other Tourists Attractions which you could visit in Virar, Vasai. Some of them are listed below...

Arnala Fort
Arnala Fort is located approximately 8 miles North of Vasai. It is built on a small island off the Arnala port. Since the fort is built on an island and surrounded on all sides by water it is also known as "Jaldurg" or "Janjire Arnala" Portuguese called the island "Ilha das vocas". Before the Portuguese control of the island, the island was controlled by the Muslim rulers of Gujarat.

The island is near the mouth of Vaitarna river and the Portuguese used it to observe and control shipping and navigation along the western coast. The Portuguese captain of Bassein donated the island to a Portuguese nobleman. The nobleman tore down the old fort and began construction of 700 foot by 700 foot fort. The fort was never completed by the nobleman but remained under Portuguese control.

Vasai Fort Vasai Fort

The Portuguese established a fort in Bassein, present day Vasai, on the mainland just north of the Bombay archipelago. The fort was fronted by a harbour. With this as the main base, they built other smaller forts, and strong houses in many of the islands. In the 18th century the fort was attacked by the Maratha army under Baji Rao Peshwa, and fell in 1739 after a three year long campaign.

The remains of the fort can be reached by bus or taxi from the Vasai railway station. The ramparts overlook Vasai creek and are almost complete, though overgrown. Several watch-towers still stand, with safe staircases leading up.

Lush green suru Garden Suru Garden

Vajreshwari temple at Virar East Vajreshwari Temple

Vajreshwari is famous for its temple and hot water springs. It is mentioned as a in ancient "Puran" or holy books as a place blessed by the footsteps of Lord Rama and Lord Parshuram.

In medieval ages Vajreshwari was known as Vadvali. It was called Vajreshwari after reincarnation of Vajrayogini in the Vajreshwari area. There are 52 steps to climb up to the main temple. It offers a commanding view of surrounding area from the temple. The view is beautiful during monsoon when all the surrounding fields are cultivated with rice fields and all the vegetation is emerald green.

There are hot water springs in the Vajreshwari area as well as in Ganeshpuri and in Akoli. The hot water springs are a must bathe for Vajraeshawari devi devotees. The springs have high sulfur content and is believed to cure many skin ailments.

Jivdani temple at Virar East Jivdani Temple

The most significant landmark in Virar is the Jivdani temple located on the mountain ("Jivdani Doanger") visible from the railway station.

The goddess is worshipped for providing relief to the suffering and new life to the dying hence the name of the goddess - Jivdani. Many people of Vasai especially - Mangayle, Koli and Bhandhari treat Javdani as their family goddess. The devotees return the "Navas" or blessing/favor by sacrificing goats and chickens. They also offer gold ornaments.

Devotees believe that to return to have "Navas" granted they must climb the mountain and worship the goddess but not return the same way as they climbed the mountain.

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